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Targeted Youth Support

What we do

We support young people and their families through difficult periods without labelling or  judging them through a range of initiatives aimed at meeting their personal, social and education needs. These can be delivered through one to one support or through group activities. We also provide   

a range of training for young people to help increase confidence, and build their self esteem.

We can help young people with a range of issue, including

Struggling at school

Peer pressure / problems making friends


Anger problems

Drug or alcohol problems

Restorative Justice - victim / offender mediation for healing issues

The project is voluntary so YOU decide if you want to be involved. You can call us yourself; ask your school or youth club or your parent or carer to call on your behalf

We will arrange a meeting where we will:

Help you identify what areas of your life you need support in

Put together an Individual Plan with   targets which you will work towards with support

Provide you with a Key Worker

Identify which other services would be of use to you

Support you to take up positive activities that you enjoy