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Luton Business Against Crime ( LBAC)

Luton Business Against Crime is partnership crime reduction initiative aimed at reducing crime and anti-social behaviour and is supported by the Home Office. The partnership is based on a proven approach adopted in other town, city and shopping centres which ultimately protects staff from acts of physical violence and verbal abuse, reduces crime losses, and generates an improvement in the environment of the community.

The partnership has been incorporated within the Luton Crime and Disorder Strategy and police and other key agencies are actively involved with it’s development and progression.

Businesses that are part of our scheme work together to share high quality information enabling us to identify persistent offenders. We share information by a radio link incorporating Police, CCTV, Mall Security and scheme members and also by photo sharing. The information sharing amongst members results in exclusion of offenders from members premises within the partnership.

By joining LBAC you not only safeguard your own business but become part of a growing business community with the means to protect and preserve itself.

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