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The SLP has been involved in a range of work with young people for many years. Recently some of this work has been about addressing issues amongst young people from different cultural and religious groups.

The work we do around conflict resolution has developed from this and now forms part of a holistic Programme we offer that includes training and activities that bring young people together from different areas, backgrounds and cultures together in order to develop positive relationships between the various communities of Luton.  It works to tackle racism, bring communities together, promote understanding and tolerance and to reduce conflict by providing constructive activities for the young people.

The training element helps to resolve community conflict. The SLP runs a number of projects around inter-faith issues in the local area, and employs a project worker who has a particular focus on young people and dealing with conflict. Projects are run in local schools and youth centres focusing on the development of non-violent communication and conflict resolution skills. The training seeks to enable young people to develop the skills required for sustaining healthy and positive relationships. It promotes understanding and tolerance between young people of different faiths, cultures and backgrounds by means of challenging assumptions.  

The SLP has funds from the council and the police aimed at training community based peer mentors who work with young people in schools, colleges and the wider community as part of a project aimed at building cohesive communities

Conflict Resolution