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The Safer Luton Partnership aims to work with a range of statutory, business, voluntary and community partners to deliver projects that will endeavour to maintain and increase the quality of life for local people.
The work is focused primarily on advocating, advising and assisting individuals who are or have been victims of crime, whilst also reducing the risks of victimisation. It takes a three strand approach which involves:-
Supporting those that have become a victim of crime,
Liasing with other agencies to ensure issues are dealt with effectively and
Prevention aimed at reducing the opportunities available for people to become a victim of crime by delivering a range of initiatives.

This work is done by: -
a. Securing funds to deliver projects at a local level that meet the needs of the local community and the organisations purpose
b. Working with and for a range of partners that enable cost effective work to be delivered so that communities can see and feel the impact of the work on their lives
c. Tendering for work that offers our  value for money approach to tackling community safety through community engagement
d. Utilising our expertise  for  the development and delivery of multi agency work at a local and national level community safety  that enable good practice to be implemented in the development of existing work and in the initiation of new work
e. Promoting the organisation and it’s projects at a local, national and international level

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